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Here’s a big misconception … videos are too expensive.!

You can make great videos on a budget. No longer your message has to have a feature film production budget. The methods described here require a minimum investment and a handful of cheap studio accessories easily found online.

What’s the benefit?

Marketers agree that online video views will continue to grow at an accelerated pace. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, predicts: Within Five years, Facebook will be mostly video. Given the facts, it is important that you develop the ability to create in-house, short, inexpensive, videos that can be produced in quantity.

Let’s review the recommendations of 5 video gurus.

In this article, we’ve put together some of the best step-by-step guides to help you create your dream in-house studio. Ready? Lights, camera, action!

A Quick-Start Guide to a Do-It-Yourself Video

by Alyce Currier
Have you been itching to use online video for your business? People usually hesitate to putvideos on their website because they think they need a lot of money and expensive equipment. While it would …

How to Create a Successful DIY Video on a Budget

by Jennifer Jagger
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As an expert in your field, you likely have experience and advice that’s important to others. One way to market your area of expertise is uploading a simple video to YouTube, which can help attract some new Facebook fans, Twitter followers, build up

How to Save Time & Money with a Do-It- Yourself Film Studio!

by James Wedmore
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Making videos CAN take a lot of time. One of the BEST ways I’ve been able to increase my speed and efficiency is through “batching” my videos. I block out an entire film day, or two, or three and just get to work! I warm up, gain momentum, and I film as much as I can! Now, there are a few elements

The Down and Dirty Lighting Kit for DIY Videos

by Wistia
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How to put together an effective video lighting kit for less than $100. You don’t need to have a top-of-the-line lighting kit to make people look great on camera. Obviously it would be super sweet

How To DIY: Home Studio Setup for Video Production

by Ashley Hockney

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Like that video? I’m going to go ahead and assume you did. Why? Because people love video content. Nielsen claims that 64% of marketers

Are you ready to take the plunge? Here’s the best advice we can give you, based on our experience shoot your first video and don’t look back. Get the second, third and fourth out. Once you are comfortable and you feel that your technique is ready for Prime Time, follow these experts advice.

Some of these gurus make a living of teaching about iPhone videography and video marketing, their training is great and simple to use. Let us know what you think, and hey!, share a few videos with us.