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If your customers are not knocking on your door in droves, order our directory listing service and start seeing your local traffic soar. Put your business on the Internet map, get found locally.

Stand out, list your business on 100+ of the most important Internet directories. Improve your Google search rankings by doing what most of your competitors don’t do. Local marketing is essential and Internet 101 for local businesses.

List your business prominently on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Apple Maps, Google Maps and local directories.

Local Marketing Uberlistings

When you use Uberlistings you can boost your search results by more than double.

(Based on a 3-month study of consumer engagement for 31,000 brick-and-mortar business locations)


Search views increase


Yelp page views boost


Listings views growth

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Uberlistings has
easy-to-use tools to boost your rankings on Google searches

• Suppress duplicate listings that affect rankings
• Business Name, address and phone listings are consistent and accurate
• Listings are fully visible and greatly detailed on smartphones
• Ability to list special offers, holiday specials, business hours and more

Control how your business is listed on more than 100 popular directories.

Accurate directory listings

Accurately list Name, Address and Phone NAP

Update listings easily

Send one-click submission and updates to 100+ directories

Message your clients

Send posts and updates to Social Media

Remove duplicate listings

Easily suppress confusing duplicate listings


Get found today don’t delay

Uberlistings just $65

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How are other companies using Uberlistings

How retailers use Uberlistings


• Distribute location data to Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, Yahoo, Bing
• Launch promotions and call-to-action
• Holiday hours, openings and closings
• Manage multiple locations

How restaurants use Uberlistings


• Phone to Fork marketing
• Real-time information on specials, events
• GPS coordinates for turn by turn direction

How businesses use Uberlistings

Financial Services, Small business, Healthcare, Hospitality, Automotive

• Feature listings of branches and locations
• Add location videos, images and more data on search engines
• Drive promotions and local incentives