The Importance of Video

Video is taking content marketing by storm. The human brain is trained to react to sound and movement. 90% of the information that the brain processes is visual. One minute of Video is the equivalent of 1800 words. No other medium has the impact of Video.

Impact of visual content marketing

  • Willingness to read content with colored visuals 80%
  • Retention 72 hours later if information is paired with an image 65%
  • Increase in views if content has relevant images 94%

Client reaction when video is part of your content


Desire to purchase increase


Email open rate increase when the word “video" is in subject


Email click through rates increase


Email list unsubscribe reduction

Mobile Video Plays Is Rising

Facebook says

In 2017 most of the news feed will be video based

YouTube search

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google

Advent of the Smartphone

Never before video has been so accessible to the global population

Our Most Popular Video Styles

High Impact

Movie & Slides


The long arm of video

US internet audience watching online videos

Time spent on pages with video on them


Smartphone users watching mobile videos