AdWords PPC Management

Are your AdWords Campaigns Producing Results?

Studies show that small businesses running their own AdWords campaigns waste at least 35% of their budget.
Are you maximizing your budget or throwing away money?

A Proven Approach To AdWords Profitability


Understanding Your Business

Pay-per-Click marketing requires a deep understanding of the business and its target clients. Keyword research and long tail keywords discovery requires expert knowledge to make your campaigns more effective and profitable. We dedicate resources, time and technology to identify what ppc ads and keywords will make you stand out from your competitors

Competitor Research

Tell us your main competitors and we will research their advertising footprint. We learn what keywords are working for them, how much they are spending on advertising and how we need to create your ad sets and ads to roll out and have them begging for “MERCY!”

Setting Goals

PPC is results driven, specific goals must be set with realistic expectations. Once the advertising medium starts showing clients reaction by rating quality score and ad relevance we push the right buttons to improve results and get better ROI.


Building Keyword Lists

Keywords are the beating heart of your account. We research the keywords relevant to your products or services and analyze their projected costs. We develop tightly knit keyword lists to keep each ad group highly pertinent. We include negative keywords so you don’t pay for PPC clicks that don’t matter or won’t turn into business deals.

Creative Ad Copy

Both your PPC text, URLs and ads are developed using a proven dual he A/B test approach. With A/B testing we determine which ad combination has the most pull. We put the creative skills to write and design ads that will appeal to your target audience. We are constantly A/B split testing your ads to ensure the campaigns increase in performance over time.

Custom Settings

In this stage we will configure geographical targeting and custom scheduling that best fit your business. We will develop a custom built bidding strategy in order to bid aggressively on certain relevant keywords and more conservatively on areas targeting clients who are found earlier in the buying cycle.


Conversion Tracking

By tracking your conversions (sales, leads, walk-ins) we improve your Pay-per click campaigns. We determine which ads, keywords and campaigns convert the best. Sometimes the keywords that cost you the least convert the best. Sometimes not. But by implementing conversion tracking into your PPC campaigns we will determine those keywords. We gather the intel so we don’t have to rely on our instincts.

Google Analytics Integration

We will set up Google, Facebook or Twitter analytics on your site and link it to your AdWords, FB or Twitter ads. These Analytics will give us a deeper insight into the results data by showing additional performance indicators like bounce rate, average session duration and page views per visit.


Scheduled Optimizations

In order for the efficiency and profitability of your PPC campaigns to improve over time, they need to be closely monitored and optimized on a daily basis. We are always working on things like keywords or negative keywords, account structure and organization, quality score, geographical segments, custom scheduling, A/B split testing, remarketing and more.

Custom Reporting

We want you to know exactly what’s happening in your account, so we set up beautiful, interactive and easy to read reports that will be delivered right to your inbox every month. Each report pulls data directly from your Adwords account and displays it an intuitive and aesthetically simple way. Each report also included a performance comparison section that shows you how the last period compared to the previous period.

Getting you in front of your local customers.

Businesses with a local reach need specific targeting strategies to make sure their budget is being spent only on qualified, local users.

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